Helping as Many People as Possible Since 1995.
Now that I'm
pain free
I can enjoy life again!"
- D.M., BPR patient
"Before coming to BPR
I had
severe headaches on
a regular basis.
Since coming to BPR  
I have
not experienced  
one headache."
-L.S., BPR patient
  • Knee, back or joint pain?
We have orthopedic therapists especially trained for these problems!

  • Feel dizzy, off-balance, or like you might fall?
We have vestibular specialists to help you feel steadier!

  • Do you have pain in your shoulder, arm, wrist or hand from repetitive tasks?
We have a certified hand therapist who can help eliminate your pain!

  • Do you have arthritis pain, or pain from pregnancy or standing on your feet?
We have an aquatic therapy pool that feels great on aching joints!
Since 1995 we have had the opportunity to help thousands of
people eliminate their pain and return to a healthy, active lifestyle.

If you are living with pain or the inability to perform routine daily
activities as you would like, we want you to know that you
have to live with pain,
we can help you.
In Bartlesville:
In The Quarters
4100 SE Adams Road
Suite A-100
Bartlesville, OK 74006
918-331-9922 - phone
918-331-9971 - fax
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